Chrysler: 10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle

Differential Cover Pans

Axle: Differential Cover Pans

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle Type
40012622ChryslerRam2003 - 201310.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle. Use Drain Plug 40007601. View
ABS Tone Rings

Installation Parts and Kits: ABS Tone Rings

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
40023047ABS Tone RingChryslerRam10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear AxlePRESSED ON DIFF CASE
Adjusters and Retainers

Installation Parts and Kits: Adjusters and Retainers

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
00341509Hub NutChryslerRam10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle2.00" x 16 - 6 SLOTS
00341511Hub Nut Retaining RingChryslerRam10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle(48mm ID)
14012748Diff Case Adjuster RetainerChryslerRam10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear AxleM8x1.25x13 -6 PT FLANGE HEX LOCK BOLT
Differential Gear Kits

Installation Parts and Kits: Differential Gear Kits

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle Type
74049286ChryslerRAM 2500/35002003 - 201210.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle View
Master Install Kits

Installation Parts and Kits: Master Install Kits

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle Type
74010013ChryslerRam 2500/35002003 - 201210.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle View
Nuts, Washers, and Bolts

Installation Parts and Kits: Nuts, Washers, and Bolts

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
40022812Ring Gear BoltChryslerRam10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear AxleM14 x 1.5 X 38 - 6 PT HEX W/ ADHESIVE
Seals and Gaskets

Installation Parts and Kits: Seals and Gaskets

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
26064030Pinion SealChryslerRam2003 - 201310.5" 14 Bolt - Rear AxleUse with 26060977 sleeve
40010027Coverpan GasketChryslerRam10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle(ROM)
40047505Full-Float Axle Shaft GasketChryslerRam10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle(8) 12 MM BOLT HOLE X 101 BCD X 72 mm ID X 121 mm OD
40156029Full-Float Axle Shaft SealChryslerRam2003 - 201310.5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle
Vents, Drain and Fill Plugs

Installation Parts and Kits: Vents, Drain and Fill Plugs

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
40007601Fill PlugChryslerRam10.5" 14 Bolt - Rear AxleM20x1.5x15 w/ Magnet