Technical Support

AAM Aftermarket brand products provides an array of Locking or Limited Slip Differentials for those applications where traction enhancement is a must. The TracRite® Series of limited slip and locking differentials provides you the opportunity to give the truck owner the traction they want and need in that severe weather and off road environments. AAM Aftermarket offers three versions of TracRite differentials - TracRite® GT, TracRite® GTL and the TracRite® EL

What is a Locking Differential?

  • In the unlocked mode the locking differential acts as a normal differential, which could be either an open or a limited slip differential.
  • In locked mode the left and right axle shafts are coupled together, providing maximum traction with the ground
  • 100% of input torque can be applied to both wheels
  • Typically used at low vehicle speeds when maximum traction is required
  • In unlocked mode is compatible with ABS, traction and stability control systems. When in locked mode will not allow left to right speed difference, so reduced performance of these systems may be expected.