GM: 218 MM Rear Axle

Differential Cases - Traction Enhancing

Axle: Differential Cases - Traction Enhancing

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeAxle Ratio# of TeethNotes
40053855GMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear Axle3.27+32 / 1.37"TracRite PC - Plate Clutch Limited Slip Differential
Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

Axle: Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeAxle RatioNotes
40037661GMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear Axle3.27 / 11x36V8 Engine. Not available at the moment, email for availability,
40098654GMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear Axle3.91 / 11x43
Collapsible Spacers

Installation Parts and Kits: Collapsible Spacers

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
14012691Collapsible SpacerGMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear Axle
Master Bearing Kits

Installation Parts and Kits: Master Bearing Kits

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
74060018GMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear Axle
Nuts, Washers, and Bolts

Installation Parts and Kits: Nuts, Washers, and Bolts

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
40033325Cover Pan BoltGMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear AxleM10 x 1.5 x 45 - 6 PT FLANGE HEX
40037574Pinion NutGMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear AxleM22 x 1.5 - 6 PT FLANGE HEX - STAKE
Seals and Gaskets

Installation Parts and Kits: Seals and Gaskets

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
40037575Output SealGMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear Axle
40040049Coverpan GasketGMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear Axle
40053191Pinion SealGMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear Axle
Vents, Drain and Fill Plugs

Installation Parts and Kits: Vents, Drain and Fill Plugs

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
40039752Drain/Fill PlugGMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear AxleM20x1.5x16 w/ Magnet
40066428Axle VentGMCamaro2010 - 2015218 MM Rear AxleM10x1.50 THREADED W/ SEALANT & 6MM STEPPED BARB