GM: 7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle

Axle Shafts

Axle: Axle Shafts

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeSide L/R# of TeethLengthNotes
12479210GMSafari, Astro Van2003 - 20137.6" 10 Bolt - Rear AxleL28899
26016760GMPostal Vehicle1990 - 19957.6" 10 Bolt - Rear AxleL/R28788mm
26058696GMS10 Pick Up Truck1998 - 20037.6" 10 Bolt - Rear AxleL/R28871
40014404GMAstro, Safari1982 - 20117.6" 10 Bolt - Rear AxleL28900
40014407GMAstro, Safari1982 - 20117.6" 10 Bolt - Rear AxleR28785
Differential Cover Pans

Axle: Differential Cover Pans

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle Type
12471370GMSierra, Yukon, Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban, Escalade,1998 - 20117.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle
Pinion Flanges

Axle: Pinion Flanges

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearSeriesAxle Type# of TeethNotes
40016324GMS,T,M,L2002 - 20111344 Yoke7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle27 / 30.71Includes sleeve 40006690
Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

Axle: Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeAxle RatioNotes
40020428GMS-10, S-15, Astro, Safari, Blazer, Jimmy, Sonoma, Syclone, Typho1983 - 20057.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle3.73 / 11X41
40020431GMS-10, S-15, Astro, Safari, Blazer, Jimmy, Sonoma, Syclone, Typho1983 - 20057.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle4.10 / 10x41
ABS Tone Rings

Installation Parts and Kits: ABS Tone Rings

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
26010805ABS Tone RingGM7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear AxleL/M VAN - PRESSED ON AXLE SHAFT
Adjusters and Retainers

Installation Parts and Kits: Adjusters and Retainers

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
00344171Semi Float Axle C-LockGM7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle
Collapsible Spacers

Installation Parts and Kits: Collapsible Spacers

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
09785792Collapsible SpacerGMAllAll7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle
Differential Gear Kits

Installation Parts and Kits: Differential Gear Kits

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
74042550GMCamaro, Firebird, Astro, Safari, S10, Sonoma, Blazer, Jimmy, Bra1989 - 20047.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle
Needle Bearings

Installation Parts and Kits: Needle Bearings

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
40008157Axle Shaft Roller BearingGMAllAll7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle41x71x26
Nuts, Washers, and Bolts

Installation Parts and Kits: Nuts, Washers, and Bolts

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
00517900Pinion WasherGM7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle41mm OD X 23mm ID X 5mm WIDTH
40061033Ring Gear BoltGM7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle7/16" x 20 x .88" - LH 6 PT SERRATED HEX W/ ADHESIVE
9783762Pinion NutGM7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle7/8" X 14 - 6 POINT HEX - TQ PREV
Seals and Gaskets

Installation Parts and Kits: Seals and Gaskets

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
26011061Semi-Float Axle Shaft SealGMAstro, Safari1990 20027.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle(M/L EARLY)
40001710Semi-Float Axle Shaft SealGM7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle(M/L LATE)
40006689Pinion SealGM2000 - 20127.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle
40006690Pinion Flange SleeveGM7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear AxleReplacement sleeve
Vents, Drain and Fill Plugs

Installation Parts and Kits: Vents, Drain and Fill Plugs

AAM#Part TypeVehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeNotes
00444788Fill PlugGM7.6" 10 Bolt - Rear Axle1/2"x14 NPT